Meet Krista, the founder of Simple Style. Learn more about her story and goals.


Krista started her career as a seamstress in year at Homeworks in Colorado Springs, CO. She fell in love with being a seamstress, and she also met and fell in love with her husband, Thomas Hutchison, there.

When Krista and her husband learned that they were expecting their first child together in 1998, Krista knew that she wanted to quit her job as a seamstress at Homeworks and work from home.

Krista and her coworker & friend, Jane Luker, started their careers as small-business owners and founded Custom Covers in year. They worked from Krista's home and sewed custom slipcovers.

After Jane retired, Krista founded Simple Style in year. 


Krista's goals for Simple Style are to continue to sell handmade items and ethically sourced items. Krista wants to introduce simple style to others' homes, health & wellness.